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Saturday evening and a police officer is waiting in line at the movie theater, he was off duty and this was a movie he had wanted to see. His name is Torch, and he is a collie. In other words a species of dog. He is tall with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and a pistol on either side of him. He could use both well.

He yawns, he is getting tired of waiting in line. So he draws his pistols and starts spinning them and doing stunts, not firing of course. And he gets the attention of the people in line. This helps pass the time, but before long he has to back out of the line and chase down a perp that had just mugged somebody and darted down an alleyway.

Making certain he is armed and ready, he jumps out in the open from behind a nearby wall. He sees nobody, of course he isn't surprised. He finds nothing except a smashed bottle and an empty purse. He shakes his head and glances around, then sniffs the air to make certain no surprises jump out at him. He holsters his weapons and examines the bottle and picks up the purse. He sneezes as he inhales remnants of what was in the bottle, it has a lab insignia on the side.

He sighs "Oh shit!! What the hell did I just inhale?" he asks himself, as he knows the company lab this came from. He thought for a moment and began to perspire. The company had started making products to make becoming a female anthro much easier, of course this was for humans. It worked to make anthros if used, but this was clearly designed for girls.

He walks back to the line and finds no one that owns the purse, so he shrugs and decides to take it to the police precinct the next morning. He is unwilling to get in the back of the line, so he tosses the purse into his Blazer and climbs in. He heads to the local disco place to get on the dance floor and have some fun.

He hated the clothing and hairdos, but he loved the music. He enters and twirls his pistols and whistles. Many people turn and stare at him, he was a usual. Some people made faces and he looks down. His clothes were tighter then he remembered, he shrugs and moves towards the center.

A couple of dancers are nearby and tend to watch Torch, to see if they can challenge him and best him. But this time, they are watching the collie grow. Torch has no idea what is going on. And the dancers continue watching, becoming more intrigued. One comments "When Torch here becomes a bitch, she's mine." as he doesn't really know what else to use to describe a female collie.

Torch is still moving on the floor, and she...yes she. The mind of the collie is now that of a she would be an accurate description. As she sways her hips and dances, she is still growing. Her breasts and pushing her shirt up and her belly, is becoming quite large. Her ass has torn a hole in her pants.

Other dancers, both anthro and human alike take notice in this growing collie. Watching her grow, but they keep dancing as this BBW in the making gives them something else to watch. Torch has now passed 300lbs at least.

In fact, there is a weight limit in the center. So a readout shows the weight of all dancers to avoid having parts of the dance floor broken. The guy watching the scans is seeing a constant increase. And he circles the camera and locks in on the growing collie. He spits his drink and tells his friend to take over. He had never seen someone so hot before, and he wasn't about to let her slip.

Torch's clothing finally gives and shreds. She feels very cold and looks down and then around and shrieks. How would she explain this to her boss? A dragon steps up "My name is Rayce. Allow me to help you." and the black colored dragon offers his jacket and picks up the remains of her clothes.

Torch thanks him and walks back to her SUV. She arrives home and finds that her place was just the way she left it. She puts on a pair of sweat pants and decides on shopping tomorrow. Checking her answering machine, she hears the police chief and giggles "Oh...will he be surprised when I come in work on Monday." and she slips into the shower.

Outside, a wolf in a labcoat is talking into a headset " worked. Not the right test subject, but it proved effective on anthros. Now comes the fun part of informing the police chief, his best and leanest officer is now a 400lb+ beauty. Wow..." he chuckles and walks off as Torch heads to bed.

To be continued...?
Hey...another piece to be read, a different set. Nothing to explicit....maybe a continuation? I dunno....we shall see how I feel and what you guys think.
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TripleKings Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  New Deviant  Digital Artist
I wish I was Rayce...
randonis Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Next part please ^^ pretty good work.
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
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I like it!
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007
Spanks. ^_^
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