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This is my little tribute to the mythbusters and seeing as though most US people love them, and since I was born in the US, I still watch the show on the internet.

It all begins when the Mythbusters decide to host a new series with a brand new member of the team. The new member will be chosen from the viewers and give one lucky fan a chance to become a permanent part of a legendary team.

For Phoenix Drake, this would be kind of like a dream come true. He had come home to visit some relatives and was listening to the TV. He wasn't really watching it as he was unpacking some clothes for a short time home and then he would be moving back to Melbourne, Australia. He overhears a piece of information on a new episode of Mythbusters that catches his attention and causes him to turn his head.

He listens intently and with rapid-fire precision, he makes a telephone call as it is suggested for the listeners and he smiles as he hears he has been given a chance to win. He heads outside and gets into his Saturn Aura rental car and drives off towards the airport with his stuff and with a message to be given to his brothers.

23 hours later and Phoenix is in southern California and sees about a dozen or so others and notices the news talking about a new fad, anthropomorphism and this causes Phoenix to laugh as he knew she had gotten it wrong. "News people know nothing about some of the things they broadcast." and this catches the attention of a few of the other possible Mythbuster winners nearby. Phoenix hears them make a few snide comments and ignores them. Instead, he gets out his laptop and tries to figure out if a place for anthros was nearby. Then maybe he could find out where he would have to go to find his true self.

As Phoenix fiddles with his computer, a small Toyota Prius and a Ford Econoline 15 Passenger van pulls up. Jamie and Adam hop out of the small Prius and Tory is driving the van and asks if all the possible winners are here and all nod. Phoenix nods as well and finds he has a shoulder reader, he sees Adam chuckling in a very immature fashion and wonders if he should pull a prank on the Mythbusters prankster. He decides against it and explains that he's going to join the anthro fandom as an anthro and that he'll meet them later and compete and he sees Adam, Tory and Jamie exchange glances and sees them talk to each other for a brief period of time and then sees them step out, claiming that the winner has been chosen.

Phoenix blinks, as he assumed he was the one that had been chosen and when he asked why. He gets not the answer he expected. Jamie explains that they need to be a little open to different ethnicities and if anyone in the furry fandom was present here, then they were to be chosen.

A few days later and Phoenix is sitting on a table with a hospital gown on as he is injected with a serum that would supposedly take him on a trip to becoming his true self. He asks that classic rock be played to help him relax and a local radio station is turned on and the classic song "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas can be heard blasting into the room. As the doctors leave, Phoenix closes his eyes and relaxes. He feels a slight tingling sensation and feels it run through his body and as he opens his eyes he sees scales begin to pop up on his skin. He blinks again and sees blonde bangs fall down around his face and blows them out of his eyes.

Two doctors are looking inside on him to make absolutely certain nothing goes wrong. They watch as he continues to transform, losing the peachy skin that humans half and gaining scales. His scales are a light blue and very pretty, the doctors watch as a long dragon like tail emerges from underneath his legs and also watch a muzzle filled with sharp teeth form. They are jotting away as one elbows the other "Transgender." and points at two orbs and at the feminine look of the scales and tail, also at the long hair that the dragon was growing.

30 minutes in and Phoenix has become a dragoness, but she was not done yet. She feels the gown begin to tighten around her midsection and hoped the doctors had not made her pregnant or something. Minutes pass and she soon figures out that that is not what had happened, instead she was getting fat. She felt the gown continue to tighten around her midsection, she looked down towards her stomach and could see a cavern of cleavage into her two gigantic breasts. She gulps and runs a paw along her growing side and hears the table she was lying on begin to groan. She feels her thickening tail and then feels her weight gain subside as her weight finally halts at around 325lbs or so. The blue scaled, blonde haired dragoness smirks slyly and is offered some clothes which she gladly accepts and pulls on. She finds trouble with the bra and fumbles with it for twenty minutes or so and finally gets it on.

Out in the waiting room, the entire Mythbusters crew is waiting. Adam, Jamie, Tory, Carrie, Grant and Jess all turn as Phoenix exits and smiles "Welcome your newest member Phoenix Danielle Drake. I hope to help you guys out as soon as possible. I cannot wait to blow some shit up. GO MYTHBUSTERS!!" she screams and is met with cheers and a few high be continued?
Not so much in the ways of weight gain or anything of that sort, but perhaps the start of a series using my female dragoness fursona as a Mythbuster. All other people are copyright to who they are in real life.

Should I continue and create a nice little series using the Mythbusters?
KageJason Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Carry on my way-ward son, there be peace when u are done, lay ur weary head to rest, don't u cry no moar

Lowelife102 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
sure thing dude we get mythbusters here in england and it rocks (although they use a different narator he say's the same things jsut in an english accent and with different inflections on words so it sounds much better in palces but "wtf?" in toehrs)
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
Okay...but depending on what I'm told from some others will depend on what I decide.
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