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Christian is a track runner and a kangaroo. He has everything, but he had always wanted a BBW. Little does he know, that he, like many others have been selected to become a BBW.

He is sprinting towards his house, he had gotten a scholarship to a local college and was waiting for college to start again. He was a junior and was jogging down a country highway when  he tripped over something and felt flat on his face.

As he gets up a dart is shot into him and he turns and jumps "Hey!!" and the dart falls out before he even sees it. He just watches a black Ford pickup speed around the bend and disappear from sight.

He shakes his head and continues jogging. 20 minutes pass, and Chris feels tired. Which is unusual. Looking down, it becomes apparent Chris is no longer a male. Massive breasts jut outwards and her belly is growing, she feels her tail is filled with fat and looks at her thighs.

A truck passes by and it is the same Ford. She is grabbed and thrown into the back. She continues to grow. Her belly becoming a massive mountain of flab. Rolls forming on her sides as she grows. Her breasts becoming enormous. Two anthros sit in the back and hold her down as she grows and fills the bed of the pickup.

Her flabby tail is being squeezed by several hands and her breasts are being poked. Her body continues to grow and her weight approaches 450lbs. Two anthros massage her belly to cause her to moan as she grows.

The truck stops and she is carried, well dragged into her house and gets stuck in the front door. She continues to fatten and her ass swells in several faces as the men try to push her in. Her breasts and stomach are getting to a size beyond comparison. In fact, it is her gut and the rolls on her side and back that have her trapped in the door.

Minutes later, she is pushed through and the anthros leave after shutting the door. She sits up and rubs her body and begins to moan and heads in a sort of lumbering fashion to her fridge when she finds she is having trouble walking. Her belly extends in front of her as her breasts push up into her face. She leans on her back and finds a tube full of strawberry milk. She begins sucking on it and her body and weight reaches a full 1600lbs and she continues to drink until actually hitting a ton. Her body pressing against everything in her small apartment.

Jacer is watching and feels a little left out, as he tends to get more info. He intends to get the dingo himself. And in a public place too.
Well....not as good...but, I felt rushed on this one. Also...the standard inflater was perhaps that was the reason...
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TheSwedishElf Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007 I work to finish most of the rest...
TheSwedishElf Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
This was definitely my favourite so far. Keep up the good work! :D
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
Many thanks.
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