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It was Monday, and Dennis was in the gym. It had been over a week since Phoenix had stopped coming. The zebra was beginning to wonder what had happened to his old friend. But figured Phoenix might've moved and forgot to tell. It is something he had done before. But it really doesn't take a week to move.

A shadowy figure enters the gym and looks at the zebra, who yells to anyone who happens to be listening "Hey someone get me water please!!" and the figure does so. But before taking the water over to the zebra to drink, the figure drops a small tablet into the drink and watches as it dissolves quickly. The figure then hands the water bottle to the zebra and exits the gym moments later as the zebra chugs the water down.

Hours later, Dennis is at his apartment looking through the fridge. He was usually hungry around this time and was looking around when he felt a terrible pain and collapsed. A few hours pass, and the zebra awakes as not a stallion but a mare. Dennis had become Denise.

Denise glances around and finds that her fridge is filled with sweets, giggling happily. She tears open a package and eats the cheesecake inside, it felt so good and she was still so hungry.

But a surprise was in store, and as Denise fumbled with another package, her blonde hair getting in her face as she fumbles with the package. She doesn't see a chair rise up behind her. She slips and falls into the chair and sees a conveyor extend towards and into her muzzle. The conveyor is lined with desserts and they are moving towards the strapped down mare.

Denise struggles slightly until she tastes the sweet goodness of a cake forced into her mouth, then a pie, then an eclair and a whole load of treats.

The shadowy figure is outside and takes off the hood and is a raptor "Eat up my princess, the sultan is waiting. And the faster you get huge....the faster we can move onto the vixen."

Denise can neither hear nor see the raptor, all she can hear and see is the conveyor of treats stuffing her. Her breasts had broken free of her buttoned up shirt and her shorts were tearing as her thighs swelled along with her stomach, which was marching its way across her thighs.

Hours pass and she is at 675lbs and growing, almost 10lbs a minute now as she is stuffed beyond what was ever meant to be. Her breasts are now blocking her view of her feet. And if her breasts weren't, her belly certainly would. Her cheeks are swollen with pastries, and her muzzle is widened with fat. Her ass is starting to overflow the chair she is currently sitting in.

She is feeling stuffed like a holiday pig when the conveyor stops and raises. She breathes a sigh of relief when a hose enters her mouth and a large bulge approaches her muzzle and quickly flows into her, busting her out of her holding straps and she swells at a phenomenal rate. And begins to crush the chair, she muffles and moans as she is filled to the brim with the rich chocolate fudge and her tail pokes out of the side as she is flopped onto her stomach and breasts.

Chocolate continues to pump in and inflate the mare. Her body swells and stretches across the floor in her kitchen when the hose retracts and she is given a breather. She is at least 500lbs heavier then Phoenix. Denise turns and glances at her large black and white body, she had never seen a zebra so big. And it was her own body, and she loved it. And she wanted the love of another. She was placed with Phoenix and the two began to have passionate sex.

The raptor chuckles "When he is happy with his haul, the two of you. And whomever else I have captured for him will be allowed mobility. But you won't be skinny." he says from a perch some distance away. "Phase 3, the vixen is about to commence." he says as he looks at a fox loading packages for FedEx.
The 2nd part in my first series...hope everyone enjoys it. Comment, flame, criticize...whateva...
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Almeric Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2007
nice series. keep em coming
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2007
I intend to...thank you.
animaster123 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2007   Writer
Nice job! Continue the series!
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007
I intend to...once I finish this damn writer's block!
animaster123 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007   Writer
Owch, just gotover some myself.
FluttershyPhoenix Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007
Hmm....perhaps I should begin on the next subject?
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